Volvo V90 D4Cross Country SE Lux

The son of a long standing client who was recommended to me by the rest of his family who all use my service for vehicle purchase had a need for this particular vehicle with specific additional requirements.

  • Make: Volvo
  • Model: V90 D4 Cross Country SE Lux
  • Colour: Light Blue Metallic
  • Engine: 2litrs Diesel with Polestar power upgrade
  • Transmission: Automatic 4 wheel drive
  • Optional Extras: This is a fully specked model including sun roof, lane departure warning system, accident prevention system and cruise control


Jeremy guided me through the whole process and I felt completely confident in his knowledge and expertise to find and supply the vehicle I required.

Volvo V90 D4Cross Country SE Lux
Volvo V90 D4Cross Country SE Lux